Juan Gabriel Martínez Suarez

Juan Gabriel Martínez Suarez

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juangaJuan Gabriel Martínez Suarez
Full Professor

Departamento de Zoología
Facultad de Ciencias
Avenida de Fuente Nueva S/N
Universidad de Granada
Granada E-18071

Phone: + 34 958242732
Email: jgmartin@ugr.es

Personal Page: https://blogs.ugr.es/juangamartinez/
Orcid: 0000-0001-5277-4620
ResearchID: L-9471-2014

I have been teaching since 2000 at the Zoology Department in the Universiy of Granada, Zoology, Vertebrate Biology, Ethology or Evolutionary Biology. I have also participated in several research projects as well as supervised PhD students. My main research interests are the evolutionary causes of variation in animal behaviour, in particular within the field of reproductive strategies, and the ecological and evolutionary consequences of animal interactions. I use molecular markers to answer different questions within the disciplines of behavioral ecology, population genetics and conservation.


Degree in Biology

  • Evolutionary Biology
  • Zoology

Master's degree in Conservation, Management and Restoration of Biodiversity

  • Conservation of Continental Vertebrates


Research lines

  • Ecology and evolution of vital strategies
  • Reproductive strategies
  • Parasitism breeding

Most relevant publications

  • Martínez, J.G., Molina-Morales, M., Precioso, M. y Avilés, J.M. (2020). Age-related brood parasitism and egg rejection in magpie hosts. The American Naturalist, 195 (5): 876-885.
  • Radchuk, V., et al. (2019) Adaptive responses of animals to climate change: not universal, likely insufficient. Nature Communications, 10:3109.
  • Molina Morales, M., Precioso, M., Avilés, J., Martínez, J.G. y Parejo, D. (2019). Great spotted cuckoo disregard information on conspecific breeding success while parasitizing magpie. Behavioral Ecology, 30: 637-645. DOI: 10.1093/beheco/ary201
  • Martinez, J.G., Mira, O., Sanchez-Prieto, C.B., Barea-Azcón, J.M., Tinaut, A. (2018). Population size and genetic variability of a relict population of an endangered butterfly, Parnassius apollo filabricus. Insect Conservation and Diversity 11: 294-304.
  • Exposito-Granados M, Parejo D, Martinez JG, Precioso M, Molina-Morales M, Aviles, J.M. (2017) Host nest site choice depends on risk of cuckoo parasitism in magpie hosts. Behavioral Ecology, 28(6): 1492-1497.
  • Baglione, V., Bolopo, D., Canestrari, D., Martínez, J.G., Roldán, M., Vila, M., Soler, M. (2017). Spatiotemporal variation of host use in a brood parasite: the role of the environment. Behavioral Ecology 28: 49-58.