Juan Diego Ibáñez Álamo

Juan Diego Ibáñez Álamo

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juandiegoJuan Diego Ibáñez Álamo
Associate Professor

Department of Zoology
Faculty of Sciences
Avenida de Fuente Nueva S/N
University of Granada\ Granada E-18071

Phone: + 34 958243243
Correo electrónico: jia@ugr.es

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Urban Ecology is my main research line, although I am broadly interested in other disciplines (Behavioral Ecology, Eco-physiology and Evolutionary Biology) and particularly in understanding animal interactions (including human-nature interactions).

I did my PhD project at the University of Granada (2005-2010), where I developed a multidisciplinary program combining the above-mentioned disciplines. I continued at the same university during my 1st and 2nd postdoc where I expanded my research on Behavioral Ecology and Eco-physiology. In 2015 I was awarded with a Marie-Curie COFUND action at Doñana Biological Station. During this period, I fully developed my urban research line and expanded it with Community Ecology and Molecular Ecology. Later, I worked mainly on Microbial Ecology at the University of Groningen (2017-2019), where I investigated different ecological questions about bird-microbe interactions.

Being aware that urbanization is a global process, I have looked for general answers, either with large-scale (global/continental) studies or multispecific comparisons. My deep belief in collaboration as key to achieve significant (and general) research goals, led me to build an extensive international collaboration network (16 countries).

During my career, I have also gained wide experience in outreach activities, university teaching and supervision of (international and national) students at different levels (PhD, MSc and BSc).


Bachelor in Biology

  • Zoology

Bachelor in Environmental Sciences

  • Zoology
  • Management and Conservation of Flora and Fauna

Master in Conservation, Management and Restoration of Biodiversity

  • Principles in Conservation Biology


Research lines

  • Urban Ecology
  • Eco-physiology
  • Ecology and evolution of the intra and interspecific interactions in birds, including parent-offspring, brood parasitism, predator-prey and host-microbe interactions.

Most relevant publications in the last 5 years

  • Ibáñez-Álamo J.D., Morelli F., Benedetti Y., Rubio E., Jokimäki J., Pérez-Contreras T., Sprau P., Suhonen J., Tryjanowski P., Kaisanlahti-Jokimäki M., Møller A.P., Díaz M. (2020) Biodiversity within the city: Effects of land sharing and land sparing urban development on avian diversity. Science of the Total Environment 707: 135477.
  • Ibáñez-Álamo J.D., Jimeno B., Gil D., Thomson R.L., Aguirre J.I., Díez-Fernández A., Faivre B., Tieleman B.I., Figuerola J. (2020) Physiological stress does not increase with urbanization in European blackbirds: Evidence from hormonal, immunological and cellular indicators. Science of the Total Environment 721: 137332.
  • Ibáñez-Álamo J.D., Pineda-Pampliega J., Thomson R.L., Aguirre J.I., Díez-Fernández A., Faivre B., Figuerola J., Verhulst S. (2018) Urban blackbirds have shorter telomeres. Biology Letters 14: 20180083.
  • Ruiz-Raya F., Soler M., Abaurrea T., Chastel O., Roncalli G., Ibáñez-Álamo J.D. (2018) Hormonal responses to non-mimetic eggs: is brood parasitism a physiological stressor during incubation? Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 72: 153.
  • Ibáñez-Álamo J.D., Rubio E., Benedetti Y., Morelli F. (2017) Global loss of avian evolutionary uniqueness in urban areas. Global Change Biology 23: 2990-2998.
  • Reynolds S.J., Ibáñez-Álamo J.D., Sumasgutner P., Mainwaring M.C. (2019) Urbanisation and nest building in birds: a review of threats and opportunities. Journal of Ornithology 160: 841-860